Its January 1st 2019 I’m ready for something and so should you be.

Screw new years resolutions but instead think of ways that you can change your life, or at least think of some ways that make you feel truly alive and challenged. New years resolutions always begin with giving up something or trying to be more healthy. Most of the time if you think about it unhealthy habits is a consequence that occurs due to a lack of challenge or a lack of meaning in our lives.

Today I found this video and it has inspired me.  It has started getting me thinking about how I can improve my own drive. For the past few years am not experiencing fulfilment in my life, in respect of friends and social life or even a loving relationship. However, going to university has been filling the gap at some points, I still need to work on my own drive which I need truly live my life, to avoid me passively accepting all that comes in.   I’ve always relied on others to guide my way. Imagine having the drive to do something you never thought you were capable of, that is true existence. This is just like Lucy whose decision to take action and may result in her being the first woman to walk the length of the world. It is not that it is important that anyone is the first to do something, it is the determination to do something different. So enjoy the video, and think about the changes you can make to really make the most of your time on this earth right now.




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