I saw this trailer and then watched a speech by Jimmy Carter

We are at a turning point in history 1979 and 2017, We discovered only things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning.


It’s interesting in the real speech that can be found on Youtube. He talks of two paths of America. Both paths offer similar premises in the sense that now the American dream is one that is about competition and consumption which is now seen as a value because it is economical. I think that maybe he should have been clearer on the values on the second path unity and in this together but being patriotic can be dangerous and short-sighted. Thinking only of one nation, and with pride narrows our focus only on the people who share our culture meaning we perceive everyone else as an outsider and a threat. Being one of the worlds encompasses every living and no living being, that now we can see beyond our countries, beyond our world.

I just heard the speech on a trailer and it was so interesting to see a point in time when crises occur and how it dealt with. We are now in a bigger crisis as we did not heed the warning of 1979, instead of reducing our consumption we increased it. Surely without having to look, we can safely say that from the ’70s until now we have witnessed the largest production of plastic, an increase in car sales, factory emissions, factory farming, factory education. We travel more, we spread the disease of consumption to the third world we inflate their economies and ruin their landscapes we this need to feed and drink and lose control.
Even personally it is so hard for me too, but I will keep trying – to live simply. There are days when I can fast that surprised me, there are times I don’t always feel hungry and I eat because of its a habit. I drink coffee and alcohol too much. I buy useless crap I don’t need.  I work 10 hours shifts to fund my consumption, ruining my body – it is so out of control and hard to get out off. But the times I have lived simply have been the times I felt the most energy.
Yesterday I spent Christmas eve outside a wine bar where a famous jazz singer Liane Caroll was playing. It was a mild night and I noticed there was a man who had a big issue seller jacket on with his dog. We made contact through me wanting to know about the dog – the dog was Henry and the man’s name was Martin. Martin went outside that wine bar window every Wednesday where Liane always sang, she knew him well and dedicated a song to him. We became evening companions. When Liane went on a break, Martin and I had a conversation. He told me that was born in Ireland but was shipped over here at the age of 2. He was drawn to Hastings and is well known around these parts. I asked to see a copy of the big issue, slipping him over a tenner – because he just didn’t ask. It annoyed me how people were coming over and giving change in such a way that made me uncomfortable. I said don’t worry about the money cause I got it as a tip from some rich fella so I’m just passing it on. When reading the paper I saw an article on How can we fix homelessness.  So I asked Martin, how do you think we should fix it – and he said he didn’t know but told me his thoughts on the world, and the need for community. Of course, he didn’t know, because probably no – one had ever asked. And my own thoughts as I walked home was that the system had let him down like they let everyone else down. Would Martin be on streets if he received the proper support if he was nurtured and cared for and shown he was worth something? All Martin wanted was his own front door that when he shut all the problems of the world would be shut behind it too. I asked him if people were helping to get this, and he confirmed they were but I know only too well that it is never as simple as that.
As I walked home I saw the moon and the sea and old Sirius the star. I walked to the water and I shouted Oi Sirius!.. cause he is my dog star – I played some music and the star seemed almost alive -I’m almost certain we were friends in a past life.
And so the story continues.

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